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Pictures of visitors' Suzuki motorcycles
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Here are some pictures of Suzuki motorcycles visitors of My Suzuki Pages have sent me. Send a picture of your bike here. Use JPEG format. Please tell us your name, hometown and country, purchase date and your personal comments of your Suzuki. Don't forget to tell the model name and model year of your bike.

Click on the images to view them in a larger format. There's more links to visitors' motorcycles at the bottom of this page!


'87 '88 '89 Solifer Suzuki R GSX-R50 GSX50R

1988 Solifer-Suzuki R (RB50)
Owner: Mikael Johansson, Sweden
Comments: ”I'm going to buy this Solifer Suzuki moped tomorrow. Unfortunately it is illegaleg to ride it on the Swedish roads.”

Here's more Suzuki RB50 info.

'80 Suzuki GSX 750 E GSX750

Here's more Suzuki GSX750E info.

1980 Suzuki GSX750E
Owner: Kris Davey, Brisbane Australia
Comments: ”I've only had this bike for about six months but it has been in my family for about 18 years. It is untouched, never been repainted or modified. It only has 23,000 on the meter and runs/rides like new. I and the last owner (brother) have had no problems with it. I only bought it because of its condition and to keep it in the family. In Brisbane you just never see them in this condition anymore. Its a real dream to ride and plan to keep it indefinately. I would recommend anyone to buy one of these old 'classics'.”

'00 Suzuki GSF 1200 S Bandit

2000 Suzuki GSF1200S Bandit
Owner: Henri Laudelout, Erquelinnes Belgium
Purchase date: January 2001
Mods: Untouched, original state.
Comments: ”I'm very glad and enthousiastic abount the Bandit 1200S I own, I never had any problems with it. I have ridden 60,000 km with it, all over Europe and most of the time in France.”

Here's another picture of Henri's Bandit photographed at the Alps.
Here's more Suzuki GSF1200S info.

'97 Suzuki XF 650 Freewind

1997 Suzuki XF650 Freewind
Owner: Henri Laudelout, Erquelinnes Belgium
Purchase date: May 1997
Mods: Untouched, original state.
Comments: ”It is a fantastic and easy to drive bike, never had problems that were not covered by the Suzuki warranty. I rode 60,000 km with this motorcycle.”

Here's more Suzuki XF650 info.

'83 Suzuki GR 650 Tempter

1983 Suzuki GR650 Tempter
Owner: Doug Johns, Cleveland Ohio USA
Comments: ”I own a 1983 GR650
Tempter, that I purchased in October of '02 with only 13k miles on it. Other than a few aftermarket accessories it's all stock. Perfect condition, with no rust, dents, or dings. I'm the third owner, and both of the previous local owners really babied this bike. Good ride and handling, and very forgiving. Check out my website for more info.”

Here's even larger picture.

'80 Suzuki GS 1000 G

1980 Suzuki GS1000G
Owner: Tim Folger, Fullerton, CA USA
Comments: ”All original condition. Got it from the second owner who only rode it for a year or so, then stored it for six years. Needs a carb rebuild, and the brakes are sticky, so I'll go through them too. Should make a nice touring bike. The only part missing is the right side body panel. Can you help me find one in the right color? Needs to have the emblem, too.”

Here's more pictures of Tim's bike.
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'83 Suzuki GS 550 L

1983 Suzuki GS550L
Owner: Craig Marshall, Truro, Nova Scotia Canada
Comments: ”I like my one button start 1983 GS550L. It is comfortable on long trips and peppy enough too, for a 550. Overall it's a good stylish bike. And reliable. On a sad note: parts are getting scarce. I can't find a muffler system for it anywhere.”

Do you know where to find an exhaust system for a GS550L?

Here's more Suzuki GS550L info.

'83 Suzuki GS 550 L

1971 Suzuki T-125 Stinger
Owner: Björn Ek, Sandviken Sweden
Comments: ”Here's a picture of my T125-II from 1971. I bought it in August last year and finished restoring it in March 2003. There's not many T125s left and definitively not many in a shape like this.”

Here's even larger picture.
Here's more Suzuki T125 info.
Suzuki '73 GT-185K GT-185 GT 185

Here's more Suzuki GT185 info.

1973 Suzuki GT185
Owner: Gordon Davidson, UK
Comments: ”I have attached a photo of the GT185 I used to own. I bought it brand new from Hunts Motorcycles in Manchester. It was one of the first 300 imported into the UK. They were all blue. Went all over North of England on that bike, regular trips into the Lake district for the day, down to London on occassions. I did 16,500 miles in just 18 months. I fitted one back tyre, one chain and one rear stop switch. Always started first push of the button. Great bike. Eventually traded it in for a GT250.”

'87 Suzuki GSX1100R GSX-R 1100

1987 Suzuki GSX-R1100
Owner: Lucas Standley, Gilead USA
Comments: ”Body and paint is all original. the motor has K&N air filters, jet kit, ignition advance and a
Yoshimura (duplex )pipe and header. I am having problems with the trany slipping out of second gear into netural when ever i close the throttle.”

Here's more Suzuki GSX-R1100 info.

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Updated April 7, 2003




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