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Frequently asked questions
and things to you can do to to help me

I get lots of mail from you visitors and I’m happy for it, don’t get me wrong on this. I try to reply to all of them and answer to your questions the best way I can, when I’m not riding my bike or doing something else necessary, like working and that sorts of things. But I’m afraid that there are plenty of non-replied messages in my mailbox, I simply haven’t had the time to reply to all of them.

These FAQ pages can hopefully help you to find an answer to your question, or at least let you know what kind of things I could actually have an answer. I do try to cover all Suzuki motorcycle models aver made on my site but I am definitively not an expert on each one of them.

Jarmo Haapamäki,
the webmaster

Suzuki GSX1400
Photo © Christina Hjalmarsson

Here’s a list of some of the most frequently asked questions I get from you readers:

Suzuki model identification

I’m pretty good at this now after collecting tons of information about the Suzuki motorcycle models I have covered on my website.

A list of Suzuki Frame Codes (source: Suzuki UK) can be found on my site, which can help you to identify your OLD bike’s model year.

Many of the earlier models can easily be identified without any frame codes of their paint job and differences in details. Check out the Model History page for your bike model first, if there’s one available. Use the search engine if you have troubles in navigating to the correct page.

Unfortunately I don’t have any list of engine numbers that could help you to identify your bike’s year model. But it can help you to identify the model. Check out the Model Identification page.

All the models sold in USA, and even some other countries, after 1980, have a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) plate attached to the frame. There’s plenty of information there. Check out the Model Identification page on this site to find out more.

If you still can’t find an answer to your model identification question, feel free to contact me. I may have an answer to your question, I may not. But I can try.


Suzuki maintenance, service and reparation

There’s some service info on this website for some Suzuki motorcycle models, but not nearly to all of them. I only have one service manual available and that’s for my own bike (GSX1400 — the manual was by the way sent to me by one of you readers, Dimitri from Greece, I thank him so much for the gift!). Therefore I’m pretty sure I can’t answer to your questions in this area. Use Google instead.

Check out the Links page, perhaps you can find a website that is specialized in your model; you can possibly find better help there. I am not very good at mechanical or electrical problems myself.

You can visit the Parts and Accessories, Manuals and Technical or Electrical Problem pages, you might be lucky.


The value of your bike

I get quite many messages from people who are asking what their bike is worth. I have categorically answered to all of them that I don’t have the faintest idea. I hardly know what a certain model is worth here in Sweden and it’s impossible for me to know what they are worth in other countries.

Don’t ask me — ask someone who knows. I don't. Use Google.


Brochures, adverts and magazine articles

I certainly want help from you guys in scanning Suzuki motorcycle sales brochures, full line catalogues and even magazine adverts from your country. The older the better but I am interested in all years and models! Please read this first before you start to scan:

• Please check out first on my website if I already have the material, sent by somebody else. Or ask me. Use the search engine if you have trouble of finding the relevant pages for the model concerned.

• For the best results, please don’t use a digital camera. Use a scanner instead. We all want to be able to read the text in straight lines, not just see the pictures.

• Please use JPEG format, not GIF, BMP and never send the files as a winmail.dat attachment – I can’t open the files with my Macintosh computer. Don't attach them to a Wod document either. Just sent raw data, the pictures.

• Please try to scan the pages so that all of it is visible and the original is placed straight in the scanner. A great deal of the sharpness is lost if I have to correct the angle in my computer.

• Please scan all of the pages, as large as possible. Use 300 dpi resolution or better for good results.

• Tell also (if not obviously noticed from the scans) where the stuff comes from, model name and year and country for the brochures and catalogues, magazine title and issue for the article and advertisement scans.

• If you find something interesting on the Internet, please don’t send the files to me, just send the URL for the website instead. If you do send me files you find on the Internet, please tell me where you found them.

• Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about scanning and sending me material.
Sometimes, not very often, I get inquires from collectors who want to trade brochures with me. Unfortunately I don't have anything to trade with, possibly I can offer them the newest Swedish full line catalogue but that’s it. I have lots of brochure scans but no originals.


Comments and corrections

Every now and then I get messages from you guys that are helping me to make my site even better. Sometimes I get help in pointing out the differences between model years of a particular model, sometimes people send me some specifications, correct info or simply are telling me about a broken link they found on the site. I’m deeply grateful of any help I can get, please keep on telling me if you have additional information of a certain model or if you find something on my site should be corrected.

I also love receiving mail from happy readers who just want to tell how much they have enjoyed visiting my site. Messages like that are my reward. I hope messages like that will never stop coming. But if you want, you can use the Guestbook instead so that even other readers have an opportunity to know what you think. I get an e-mail copy of every message on the guest book, so I get it anyway.


Visitors bike pictures

This is actually not a frequently asked question, perhaps it should.

People send me every now and then pictures of their bike for publishing on my site. That’s great; I want as many contributions as possible. Unfortunately there are a number of bike pictures that I haven’t been able to publish, for that simple reason that I don’t know who is the owner of the bike. When you do send me pictures, please answer to some simple questions:

• Your name and your home town and country.

• Your e-mail address if you want other readers to be able to contact you — please tell me if you want me to be publish your e-mail address (I don't recommend this because of junkmail).

• The model name and model year of your bike.

• When did you buy it? How long have you owned it? If you have already sold it, please tell us why and what bike did you buy then?

• Mileage (km) if you think it’s relevant.

• Is it untouched, in the same original shape it was when it left the assembly line, or is it modified/improved in some ways? Please tell us of the modifications.

• What do you think of your bike? It is interesting for many people to know what you think of your bike. There are a number of people searching the Internet about info of a certain model they are planning to buy. I can’t tell people how a certain Suzuki model is to ride and to own (I can only tell that of my own bike). I need your help on this!

• Don’t worry if you think that your English is not that great. I can help you with the text, as long as I can understand what you mean. Writing in Finnish and Swedish is also ok, although I prefer English but do not use Spanish, French or any other language, I can’t read it.

You are welcome to write a longer story if you want, please attach more (different) pictures of your bike (and perhaps of yourself) the fill the empty space aside of the text.

• Many readers send pictures of their bikes parked outside their homes. That’s fine, but also pictures with bikes with their owners (just tell who the person in the picture is) or in different environments are most welcome!

• Please use JPEG format only, not gif, not bmp or anything else and never send the files as a winmail.dat attachment – I can’t open the files with my Macintosh computer. Don't send tiny pictures. The bigger the better! Scans of really old photos work usually quite fine, you can almost do miracles when sharpening and correcting the colours in Photoshop. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s scanned photos or pictures taken with a digital camera, as they are sharp and high resolution pictures.

• Please don’t try to make the picture flashier by using the computer techniques, adding colours and stuff. Send just plain pictures of real bikes in real environments, not fantasies.


Things you can do to help me

Notify me of any errors, typos, broken links or any kind of inconveniences on my site. Anything that you feel need to be corrected or improved. When correcting bike info, please tell me where you found the (new and correct) info. Don't forget to name the exact page where I should make the corrections.

Send me a story of your time with your Suzuki bike or bikes. You can tell about a great (or miserable) trip you made — or an accident you were involved with, to name a couple of examples. Attach pictures! See the Stories page.

You can buy my music cd online! Suzuki motorcycles are not even mentioned in the songs I wrote but you are intelligent enough to know that there's life beyond motorcycles as well, don't you? Here's a link to my Hälleforsnäs Records Music Store.

Click on the banners you can see on my site if you want to use their services and procuct. I get a small procentage if you purchase some of their products. Hopefully I will get back some of the money I have spent in making and supporting this website. See also the Products pages.


Put banner to your site. Link them to
Here's a couple of banners to choose from:

My Suzuki Pages - All Suzuki motorcycles ever made

My Suzuki Pages - All Suzuki motorcycles ever made

My Suzuki Pages - All Suzuki motorcycles ever made

I can't offer you money for your help as I'm not getting paid myself. My Internet bills are sky high because I'm doing this for you. The few banners on my site are simply a tempt to get a few bucks back what I have spent in this site. Every time a visitor on my site buys something from the web stores with banners on my site I get a small percentage of the sale (you don't pay a penny more). I haven't got anything yet but perhaps some day...

If you can think of anything else you can do for me and my site — don't hesitate to tell me about it!

Jarmo Haapamäki,
the webmaster

Photo © Christina Hjalmarsson

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