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Pictures of visitors' Suzuki motorcycles
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Here are some pictures of Suzuki motorcycles visitors of My Suzuki Pages have sent me. Send a picture of your bike here. Use JPEG format. Please tell us your name, hometown and country, purchase date and your personal comments of your Suzuki. Don't forget to tell the model name and model year of your bike.

Click on the images to view them in a larger format. There's more links to visitors' motorcycles at the bottom of this page!


Suzuki '85 GS 1150 E

Suzuki '85 GS 1150 E

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1985 Suzuki GS1150E

Owner: Fern Celed, Illinois USA

Comments: ”This is my Suzuki GS 1150 E. I bought it back in 1992. It was hard to find one at the time that was not so abused. I bought if for $1,900.

When I picked it up, it did not have matching colors. The side panels were red and white and the gas was blue and white. I knew I had to repaint it. I rode it like this for about 2 years, when I decided to paint it.

I could not decide what color to paint it, so I chose to go with the stock black and red Suzuki scheme. I went down to a Suzuki dealer and ordered all the stickers for the bodywork ($175, ouch!) and had my cousin paint it.

While the parts were being painted, I started to take notice of scratches here and there on the frame and engine. It was also looking a bit dull. My thought was, I was going to have I very nice looking paint job, but the frame and engine would not match. So I started to take everything apart.

Well this was not as easy as I thought. I had my parts in boxes for about 7 years. Doing a lot of painting and powder coating as time and money would permit.

The engine alone took about a year and half to build. Speed Products in Illinois did engine performance. Speed Products also raked my front frame to allow the competition Vance & Hines sidewinder header.

Also, I decided to get rid of those wimpy skinny tires. I went with Performace Machine 17" wheels. The rear was extended by four inches using a Trac Dynamics swing arm.

Seven years and $9,000 later the frame and engine shined as much as the paint job. The handling was so much improved by the wheels and extension of both ends.

The bike is hard to turn now because of the long wheelbase, but in the straight line it feels like it's on rails.”

Suzuki '02 GSX 1400

Suzuki '02 GSX 1400

2002 Suzuki GSX1400

Owner: Nigel Hodgetts, Stourbridge West Midlands, England

Comments: ”Great site, I have visited it a few times now. I have attached 2 pictures of my GSX1400K2. I have owned it since new in Feb 2002 and it has some modifications whih I have listed below:

Akrapovic racing exhaust system (extra 18hp and a large weight reduction plus an exhaust note to chill the spine)

Givi engine bars
Fabrini screen
Renthal ultra low superbike bars
Pyramid undertray
NWS hugger
One tooth less on the gearbox sprocket (making the gearing lower so now hits 7,500rpm in top gear two-up)
Renntec sports carrier and oil cooler cover
Probolt engine bolt kit plus oil filler cap and assorted other bolts in gold
K&N air filter
Motrax carbon look mini indicators.
New number plate with 'Here comes the Nice' at the bottom. This is an obscure 60's song referance related to The Small Faces.

The GSX1400 is my favourite bike of all I have owned in 22 years riding.

Next I am planning on fitting a cockpit fairing and having it resprayed in another colour scheme (which I want to keep quiet until it is done). After that who knows possibly TTS cams with a braced and polished swinging arm.”

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Suzuki '75 GT-750

Suzuki '75 GT 750

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1975 Suzuki GT 750

Owner: Larry Martin, Belfast
Northern Ireland

Comments: ”My bike is a 1975 waterbucket and i have owned it for about six years. I bought it through the paper from a guy who had it for about two years. The bike was sitting outside his house and although one of the rear shocks were bent and there was a slight buckle in the back wheel the bike was totally original in Candy Red and had the same Avon front tyre as it left the shop. It even has the Suzuki emblems on the wing mirrors.

I bought the bike and replaced the shocks with original ones and got a guy called John Bell who has been working in Belfast for years to fix the rear wheel.

I use the bike often but I try to use it only on dry days now. I also go to all the road races with it.

I have owned and sold a few bikes
now... even an R1.. Mad machine! But I would never part with the bucket.

The history I have on the bike is that it lay in a shed in the Sahara dessert for ten years before somebody here found it and brought it over here where they rebuilt the engine and cleaned it up.

They showed it a few times but for some reason they traded it in. It knocked around for a few years untill I picked it up and stripped it down. It was worth the work as it is the best machine I have ever owned, so if anyone is thinking of buying one they get my vote.

The only other documentation I have is it was owned by Robert A Walter,
Williamsburg, Iowa and if he is out there I would like to hear from him...”

Suzuki -70 T-350 T 350

1970 Suzuki T350 Rebel

Owner: Carlos Forte, Alabama USA

Comments: ”What a fantastic resource your website is. It's like the Honda redbook, only 5,000% better with all the associated links. I guess I'd have to call it The Blue Book!

Here's a picture of my 1970 T350 Rebel. Everytime I open the throttle and hear that intake roar, it takes me back to my youth.

She has only 3,000 miles on her and runs like new. Always a pleasure to ride.”

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Suzuki '03 GSX1400 K3

Suzuki '03 GSX1400 K3

Suzuki '03 GSX1400 K3

Suzuki '03 GSX1400 K3
2003 Suzuki GSX1400

Owner: Paul Donegan, Leicestershire United Kingdom

Purchased: December 2002

Comments: ”Here are a couple of photos of my beloved GSX1400K3. It has had the following modifications:

Powder coated wheels
Ermax Undertray
Mini indicators
One off carbon number plate holder
Öhlins rear shocks
One off polished billet yokes
TL1000 re-sprung and re-valved USD forks by K-Tech
Carbotek TL1000 carbon mudguard
Renthall Fat bars & conversion kit
Goodridge braided brake and clutch hoses
Mettisse Oil Cooler cover
Smaller front sprocket
Laser titanium full race exhaust
One off exhaust hangar in billet
Hayabusa front calipers
Braking wave disks & DP race pads
Earls stainless crank case breather
Black robotics speedo re-calibrator
Dynajet Power Commander III
180 section rear tire

This is my second GSX1400 after throwing my last one down the road. I was determined to do something serious with this one...

Overall I love the 14 but wanted something a bit more individual. Instead of going the usual route of strapping plastic to the bike I have tried to make the bike handle better than a bike this size should... As a result of the mods I have made I think it handles VERY well and has surprised
quite a few who have tried it.

The geometry has been altered by
raising the tail and dropping the front making it turn in very nicely
without tucking under. The USD fork also reduce the unsprung weight.

Next on the agenda for this bike will be a bit more engine work to take it over the 122bhp it currently makes, and some lighter wheels.

This is the best bike I have ever owned and wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to others.”

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Updated: October 19, 2003




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