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Pictures of Solifer-Suzuki R (Suzuki RB50)

Pictures of Suzuki RB50 project, sent by Pertti Tuisku, Finland, with comments. Do like Pertti — send pictures and the story of your Suzuki to be published here! Send JPEG's and comments to me.

Solifer-Suzuki R (RB50) RB-50 1987 Solifer-Suzuki R
Owner: Pertti Tuisku
Country: Finland
Frame number: ?
Purchased: August 2002.
Photos taken: August 2002

The Suzuki RB50 was sold in Finland with a weaker 2-stoke engine and under the model name Solifer-Suzuki R. Pertti has recently bought two of them, both of them worn out and without the fairings.

Solifer-Suzuki R (RB50) RB-50 1987 Solifer-Suzuki R

Here's a closer view of the engine. It is simple machine without any oil injection system.

Pertti tells me that the other Solifer-Suzuki R he bought had a different, lower cylinder head with a shorter spark plug thread, something like the later Solifer-Suzuki PV engine models. Pertti plans to renovate one of the bikes and make even the other one street legal.
Solifer-Suzuki R (RB50) RB-50 1987 Solifer-Suzuki R

The left side of the engine. Does anyone of you recognize this engine from some other Suzuki model? The given specs for the engine are:

Power: 1,5 hp/ 4.500 rpm
Torque: 2,75 Nm/ 3.500 rpm
Bore x stroke: 41 x 37,8 mm
Carburetor: Mikuni VM12SH

Here's more specs for the Solifer-Suzuki R.
Solifer-Suzuki R (RB50) RB-50 1987 Solifer-Suzuki R

Normally the engine should be covered by the fairing. The previous owner had dropped the bike and trashed the fairing. Pertti has bought himself another R, unfortunately even the other has no fairing anymore.

It seems to be very difficult to find any replacement or original fairings for the RB50. Please let us know if you know where to get one!

Solifer-Suzuki R (RB50) RB-50 1987 Solifer-Suzuki R

The single disc brake at the front was hydraulically operated. The bike is light and the engine not that strong, that makes even a small disc with a single piston adequate.

Solifer-Suzuki R (RB50) RB-50 1987 Solifer-Suzuki R

The rear brake is an intrenally expanding simple drum brake. You don't need disc brakes at the rear on a bike at this caliber. Chain drive. Full-Floater aluminum box-type swingarm. 10-inch wheels.

Solifer-Suzuki R (RB50) RB-50 1987 Solifer-Suzuki R

The Finnish regulations demanded a mudguard that covered the rear wheel from behind. I haven't seen such detail mounted on the RB50 models elsewhere.

Solifer-Suzuki R (RB50) RB-50 1987 Solifer-Suzuki R
1980 Yamaha Midnight Special

The Solifer-Suzuki is not the only bike Pertti ownes. Normally he rides Yamaha Midnight Special. Pertti tells me that it is a USA export model with a 1101 cc inline-four. The Midnight Specials imported to Finland had 1000 cc engines.

With the both bikes beside each other, you really can see how small the RB50 was.

Hopefully we can see more pictures of Pertti's bike later — after or under the renovation!

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