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Pictures of Solifer-Suzuki R (Suzuki RB50)

Pictures of Suzuki RB50 project, sent by Andreas Pettersson, Sweden, with comments. Do like Andreas — send pictures and the story of your Suzuki to be published here! Send JPEG's and comments to me.

Solifer-Suzuki R

Suzuki GSX-R50 GSX50R
Suzuki GSX-R50 GSX50R

1986 Suzuki Solifer R (RB50)

Owner: Andreas Pettersson, Södertälje Sweden

Comments: (waiting for Andreas to write down something)

Here's more Suzuki RB50 info.

Here follows even Philip Murphy's MiniBusa pictures, his '01 Hayabusa and the '87 RB50 are painted with matching color schemes...

'87 Suzuki RB50 GAG minigixxer

”I've taken both bikes to a lowrider car/bike show and almost everyone checked it out or wanted info where to get one. I even had a midget try to trade me for a 1971 Monte Carlo!”
'87 Suzuki RB50 GAG minigixxer

Looks pretty impressive, eh? I think it looks really good!

Here's a picture of Philip's Hayabusa.
1987 Suzuki GSX-R50 (RB50)

Owner: Philip Murphy, Michigan USA

Comments: ”The MiniBusa, as I like to call it, is a '87 GSX-R50 I purchased about four months ago from a guy who had it and a ZX-11. It was in decent shape with new plastic from Teamcalamari and painted Pearl White. I got the original bodywork with it. It ran good so I left the motor stock and focused on making a MiniBusa to clone the big one ('01 Hayabusa with the same paint scheme).

A two week paintjob turned into a three month build. I completely disassembled the bike and had any steel part visible chrome plated, including the frame, wheel hoops, bracket assemblies, tripleclamp and whatever else you see in the pics.

It definitely is fun to ride around town and gets so many looks and compliments. The bike is no race winner, and the handling takes some getting use to. It will cruise with me (235lbs) on it at about 35mph with a top speed downhill at 47mph. The brakes are great and it's not that uncomfortable to ride.

From what the previous owner told me only 600 of these bikes ever came to the United States in 1987, and they did not come with mirrors, turn signals, or a speedometer. I would like to find mirrors and a speedo for it, but since I just last week got on-line, I haven't had time to look for these items. Any help there would be greatly appreciated.”

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