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Suzuki TM75 1974-1976

I have put some Suzuki TM-75 brochures and facts on this page.
Please send me more stuff to put here. I want brochures from all over the world!

Suzuki 1974More Suzuki models from 1974
1974 Suzuki year code: L
1974 TM motocross lineup1974 TM motocross lineup

1974 magazine ad: TM motocross lineup, two pages. Click to enlarge.

TM75L (1974)

The TM75 was very much based on the Suzuki TS50, infact they both use the same frame. Mainly a schoolboy scrambler starter bike the TM75 is probably more famous as a pit bike for the road racing stars like Barry Sheene. It had a rotary disc induction with the carburettor on the right hand side of the engine. It had the Suzuki posi-force two stroke lubrication system with oil tank under the right hand number plate.
The clutch was operated by a worm mechanism on the left side engine cover and unlike the other TM’s it had point’s ignition. The engine hung off the frame and the front frame down tubes were just there for show. Footrests were rubber covered folding type off the TS100 and as a safety measure a chain guard was fitted above the swinging arm. It had a rod operated rear brake and its own ally forks. The fuel tank had dark green/white stipes that did a U round the rear of the tank.

1974 TM-75 L sales brochure. Click to enlarge.

Suzuki 1975More Suzuki models from 1975
1975 Suzuki year code: M

TM75M (1975)

Just a few changes over the previous models for the M model The fuel tank was all yellow with the Suzuki logo written over a rising sun type design.

Suzuki 1976More Suzuki models from 1976
1976 Suzuki year code: A

TM75A (1976)

Virtually the same as the ‘74/’75 models the TM75A model was the last TM made and had the following changes : The fuel tank had just the Suzuki name on it, the front number plate was now black and the side panels were yellow with black number plates stuck on. Front forks had been changed and the exhaust had a rear silencer on it to keep the noise down, as well as having a black coloured exhaust cover instead of the earlier chrome type.

TM-75 sales brochure. Click to enlarge.

What year is this brochure from? Could it be 1976? Please tell me if you know.

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Sources: http://www.crooks-suzuki.com/tm.html

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