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Suzuki RG80 Gamma 1985—

I have started to collect some RG80 Gamma information on this page. The page is still under construction. I would be grateful of any contributions — sales brochures, magazine ads, magazine articles, pictures, specs, facts, corrections etc. Please scan the material in JPEG format (large enough that all the details are visible) and send them to me. Please tell me the source and the publication date if possible. If you send me pictures of your own bike, please follow these instructions.

Suzuki RG125 Gamma

The little and spicy member of the Gamma-family

In March 1983 Suzuki presented the RG250 Gamma to show who's the king of the road track and a couple of years later the RG125 Gamma was introduced to give a match to the Italian 125cc racers.

RG125 Gamma was introduced in Europe at IFMA '84, the International Bike Show in Cologne, West-Germany, in late 1984 (see the picture above). The bike at the show had only a 80cc engine and the 125cc version was to be introduced later. There's nearly no market at all for 125cc motorcycles in West-Germany but the 80cc bikes sold very well. The model name for the 80cc version of the RG125 was not that surprisigly GR80... It was available in the shops in Gemany from the summer of 1985.

The RG125/RG80 Gamma borrowed a lot from its bigger brothers, RG250 and RG500 Gamma but the single cylinder RG125 was very narrow, making it almost impossible for the sides of the motorcycle to touch the tarmac when leaning the bike in corners. The maximum leaning angle is whole 55 degrees! Its steel frame was almost fragile but it worked well. The brakes were good at the time and had a great feeling.

Riding a RG80 Gamma is a small bike and therefore quite unpleasant experience for the taller riders. The small dimensions of the bike gives a racing feeling but it certainly isn't a bike for touring. The small engine, borrowed from the TS80, is not a racing engine, though.

The water-cooled two-stroke engine with 80cc piston displacement delivers slighty less than 10 hp at 5.900 rpm (1,2 Nm torque), that is much less than the RG125 (25 hp, 19 Nm). It weighed 109 kg (240 lbs) on the street with a full tank and had a top speed of 85 km/h.

I believe the model was only available on the West German market. I will put more info of the model on this page when I find it somewhere.

Jarmo Haapamäki

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1985 Suzuki year code: F

RG80, German model

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Suzuki RG80 GammaRG 80 Gamma 1991
Overall Length: 2 005 mm (78.9 in)
Overall Width: 720 mm (28.3 in)
Overall Height: 1 090 mm (42.9 in)
Wheelbase: 1 335 mm (52.6 in)
Wet Weight: 109 kg (240 lbs)
Engine type: Water-cooled 79 cc 2-stroke. 9,9 hp/ 5.900 rpm, 1,2 Nm/ ? rpm. 6 speeds.
Body color: white/blue, black/grey.

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Sources: Swedish Bike magazine, Tekniikan Maailma, Roy Bacon's Suzuki etc.

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