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Suzuki motorcycles sold in the USA

Here are some American Suzuki line catalogs and other info of the models exported to America. My aim is to put information of which Suzuki motorcycle models were imported in the USA from the start, their prices and some specs that may differ from the specs in other countries. If you have any such information on any years or models (brochures and even magazine ads would be great), please tell me about it. Here's more info.

Suzuki motorcycles were mentioned in American magazines for the first time in 1962. The following year the U.S. Suzuki Motor Corporation was formed in California, being the first foreign subsidiary of the Suzuki Motor Company.

Under the lead of Jack McCormack Suzuki America pumped enormous sums in advertisement, within two years the advertising budget had increased from 150,000 US dollars to over one million dollars — and it worked. The number of Suzuki motorcycles increased from only 600 to 32,000 units in 1965 and the sales were still growing. The legendary T20, a development of Masanao Shimizu, was the most important new product for Suzuki.

In 1966 54,000 Suzuki motorcycles left the Japanese island and had about 3,000 employees.

Suzuki 1964More Suzuki models from 1964
Suzuki bikes '64 USASuzuki bikes '64 USA

Suzuki bikes '64 USASuzuki bikes '64 USA

1964 Suzuki models sold in USA (full line broschure). Click to enlarge. I found these pieces of a '64 U.S. full line catalogue scans on the e-tabitha.com website. I'm not sure what's missing and how the catalogue was folded. The models pictured here are: M15/M15D, M30, K10, K11, S30, S31 and T10. If you have better scans, please do send them to me!

Suzuki 1965More Suzuki models from 1965

Suzuki bikes '65 USA
1965 Suzuki USA models (magazine advert). Click to enlarge. The pictures appeared on a magazine advert, published on the Cycle World 1/1965. I found this on the e-tabitha.com website. I just moved the bikes around a little to make it look nicer here.

Suzuki 1968More Suzuki models from 1968
1968 Suzuki year code: (none)

Suzuki bikes '68 USASuzuki bikes '68 USA

Suzuki bikes '68 USA
1968 Suzuki models sold in USA (three pages). Click to enlarge. These images were scanned and sent to me by Scott Andersen. He wrote: "I bought a K15P Hillbilly this summer.  It came with the owners manual.  The pictures I'm sending are from the first three pages of the manual.  I think that this may be the entire Suzuki USA lineup for 1968." The models here are: M12-2 (Suzuki Sport 50), M15-2 (Suzuki 50), M31 (Suzuki 55), K15 (Trail 80), K10P (Suzuki 80), K11P (Suzuki Sport 80), B100P (Suzuki 120), S32-2 (Suzuki 150), T10 (Suzuki 250), T20 (Suzuki Sport 250). Ten different models.

Suzuki 1969More Suzuki models from 1969
AS-50 Maverick '69AC-100 Maverick '69

TC-120 Cat '69T-125 Stinger '69

X-6 X-6R T250 '69TS-250 Savage '69

T-350 Rebel '69
T-350 Rebel '69

1969 Suzuki models sold in USA (five brochure cards). Click to enlarge. I found these partial brochure scans from e-tabitha.com website. Apparently the images were originally scanned by a fellow called Mike Berg. I just cleaned them up in Photoshop before posting them here. The U.S. Suzuki line for 1969, as featured here, covered the following models: TS250 Savage, TC120 Cat, T250 (here called X-6R Hustler), T350 Rebel, T125 Stinger, AC100 Wolf, AS50 Maverick. The T500 Titan (the only one with the specs not cut off the scan) I found on Matthew Desmond's website. If you have more of these brochures, please scan them to me; both sides and with the specs, please...

Suzuki bikes '69 USASuzuki bikes '69 USA
Suzuki bikes '69 USASuzuki bikes '69 USA

1969 Suzuki full line advert from USA (four pages). Click to enlarge. I found these scans from the Suzuki Classic Two Stroke Compendium website, scanned by Dale Fancey. I just cleaned up the scans in Photoshop.

More years and models to come. Have patience.

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