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The 37th Tokyo Motor Show 2003
Suzuki motorcycle catalog for the show

Here is the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show special catalog of the Suzuki bikes. Remember that the availability, prices and some specs may differ from other countries. New models are released at different times of the year so I believe the Japanese people don't use model years for bikes as we do in the Western world. As the Tokyo Motor Show was held very late in 2003, I chose to call the models presented in the catalog as 2004-year's models, although I know some of them are the models presented for the 2003.

Suzuki 2004More Suzuki models from 2004
2004 Suzuki year code: K4

Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 16Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page

Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 2
Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 3

Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 4Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 5

Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 6Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 7

Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 8Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 9

Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 10Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 12

Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 12Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 13

Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 14Tokyo Motor Show 2003, page 15

2003 Tokyo Motor Show catalog with Japanese Suzuki full line up (16 pages). Click to enlarge. This Japanese special catalogue was scanned and sent to me by Tatsuwo Sato, Japan. Many thanks! He writes: ”I wasn't able to go to the 37th Tokyo Motor Show, but I got a leaflet from Suzuki Motor.” Nearly all of the text is written in both Japanese and English language.

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Sources: Tatsuwo Sato (Suzuki Motor Company)

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