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I have started a record company.
The first record out will be my own

This is not a joke, I do have started a record company. Or, actually, I haven't started it yet, there's no record out yet. But I have been working in a recording studio since January, making a CD of my own. It's finished now and should be printed and in shops by the end of May 2006. Mp3 versions of the songs can be bought here. There's also free samples.

Hälleforsnäs Records is the name of the company. I tried to come up with a name that would sound cool and be international, although I plan to sell records not just in Sweden but in any country, thanks to the Internet. What would be more international than Hälleforsnäs, the village I live in? I'm pretty sure the name isn't already taken, anyway...

I have written and played music since I was a kid and have made a couple of records with my band, The Soul Preachers (I have later found out that there are a couple of bands in the USA with that name, never mind that. We started back in 1986) but I have never made a record of my own before. Now I have. It's almost done, only a couple tracks to finish and then you all can be amazed by the sound of Jarmo Haapamäki alone with a microphone, a couple of guitars, keyboards, a rhytm box and a digital recorder!

Here's a picture of the rear cover:

How does it sound? As I already mentioned, there's free mp3 sound samples of the songs for downloading on my Hälleforsnäs Records Music Store page. Without any sound samples it's rather difficult to describe music to anyone. But I try: It's pop music. It's rock music. There are some waltz tunes. It's good music. It's fun, it's serious, it's happy, it's sad, it's beautiful, it's entertaining and it's great! At least I think so and so I should, I'm putting all my money into the project.

What I want you to do tell me if you are totally uninterested of paying for music I have made or could you probably pay around 15 US dollars (inclusive postal fee) for a CD with my music? - The CD hasn't come from the pressing plant yet but it will be available very soon. But you can buy mp3 versions of the CD today! Please don't share the files with anyone or I won't be selling any records soon. I need the money to pay the equipment I've bought for recording the songs and to pay the hosting bill for this Suzuki site! I really do.

Please answer to this question to let me know your reactions of all this:

Would you consider buying the cd from me?
I like the cover. I want the cd. I don't even have to hear it first.
Yes, as mp3 download, if it doesn't cost more than a few dollars.
Yes, as a real cd, if I like the sound samples.
I don't buy any records but I could download it if it's free.
I could buy the cd if it was real cheap.
I think you shoud update your Suzuki site more frequently instead of making music.
I don't like the cover. I won't even wait for the samples. Count me out.
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I just created a guestbook for comments and discussions around and about the music of Jarmo Haapamäki and The Soul Preachers - and probably later even other acts of Jarmo's new record company. The artists and the releases (excisting of future) of Hälleforsnäs Records in general.

You know how it works, just hit the buttons you can find and write a message for all of us to read! :-)

Read the Hälleforsnäs Records guestbook

Sign the Hälleforsnäs Records guestbook

Hälleforsnäs Records Music Store

Thank you for your time!

Jarmo Haapamäki

Last update: 6 May 2006

Jarmo Haapamäki i Bettna kyrka (Flens kommun)

This is what I looked like in spring 2001, before I cut my hair short. The picture was taken by myself, in a church I visited when I was writing an article of it (I was working as a journalist).

I'll tell you more later. You can also visit my personal web page if you're interested.

My Personal Home Page

I have scanned a couple of pages from the Fiat 130 service manual, including general information and pictures of this Italian great (but rare) car from the 70's. Both sedan (Berlina) and coupe included. A part of My Motor Pages.

Jarmo's Motor Pages

Here's a link to my Genealogy site for those who are interested in my ancestors (in Finland) and searching for family roots in general.

Jarmon sukusivut - sukututkimusta

Here's a link to my rock band's website. There's two versions of them; on in English (not updated in ages) and one in Swedish (a bit more fresh contest).

The Soul Preachers

I have also put some photos I have taken of other rock bands and artists to the Internet. Here's a link to my Live Pix website.

Live Pix

For those who understand Finnish, there's a website called Hunajaa that is supposed to be a Muovikazzi Fan Club's website. Muovikazzi was the band of mine in Finland for many years ago.

Hunajaa - Muovikazzi Fan Clubin sivut

For those who understand Swedish, there's a website called Det lever! that is a website of It's Alive! - a non-profit organisation here in Hälleforsnäs, Sweden. Not updated recently.

It's Alive! musikföreningen

Jarmo Haapamäki

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