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Suzuki SV650/SV650S model history
Three Generations & SFV 650 Gladius

Choose a page to view Suzuki SV650 models year by year:

Page 1SV650, SV650S
• First Generation 1999—2002

Suzuki SV650Suzuki SV650S

Page 2
SV650, SV650S
• Second Generation 2003—2016

Suzuki SV650 '05Suzuki SV650S '05 K5

Page 3SV650, SV650S, SV650SF
Third Generation 2017—onwards

Suzuki SV650Suzuki SV650
Suzuki SV650SF '09 K9

Page 4
SFV650 Gladius • 2009—2015

Suzuki SFV650 Gladius Pearl Nebular Black (YAY) Suzuki SFV650 Gladius Metallis Oort Grey/Metallic Phantom Grey (CRT)

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