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Suzuki Nuda concept bike
shown at Tokyo Motor Show 1986

Suzuki Nuda

The Nuda was a concept bike (a one of a kind experimental model, not for sale), shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 1986. It was a high-tech dream bike that never went to production.

It is claimed that the previous year's Suzuki concept bike Falcorustyco was a non-running exhibition model with a fake engine, but the Nuda was a fully operational bike good for 280 km/h, using a GSX-R750 engine.

Like the Falcorustyco, even the Nuda two-wheel drive and hub-steer, but while the Falcorustyco had hydraulics drive, the Nuda used a more conventional shaft drive (if you say that two-wheel drive on a motorcycle is conventional). Nuda had even some other high-tech features that have not yet gone into production.

Please send me more info if you know anything more. Perhaps you could scan magazine articles for us all to see?

Suzuki Nuda
Suzuki Nuda
Some pictures of the Suzuki Nuda concept bike. Click to enlarge. Adam Curtin took these two photos at the Bike Show at Earls Court, London in 1986. Courtesy of Adam Curtin www.adamanda.org

Nuda in the dark. Click to enlarge. Like an angry samurai.


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Sources: Adam Curtin, Papa's Factory, P'Z, etc.

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